On Colorado


I’m writing today’s post during my lunch hour.  I woke up for the seventy millionth day in a row with a bad case of writer’s block.  I was relatively certain I wouldn’t be able to write my post again this week after I sat down at the computer and nothing came.

But, then, I checked the news (which is to say, I logged onto Facebook) and saw the coverage of the shooting in Colorado.  And, all the parental feelings I’ve ever had overwhelmed me, the way they do every time something like this happens.  And so, I find that I desperately need to write.

First, I want to express my utter sorrow that we continue to see, not only acts of violence, but also horrific depravity in our culture.  It is beyond my comprehension that one minute I can be joking with my little girl while we eat birthday cake, and twelve hours later, be reading news reports of another little girl being carried out of a movie theater with gunshot wounds in her back.  My mind replaces the nameless, faceless victim with my own Genevieve and just trying to imagine what the families and friends of the victims must be going through today is enough to send me reeling.

Secondly, I want to address a question that I’ve heard or read several times today. One asked by strangers and friends alike and one I think is meant to be rhetorical. One of the victims of the shooting is reportedly a three month-old who was being treated for injuries and the question I keep hearing is: Who takes a three month-old baby to a movie?

To which I want to reply: Who the hell cares?  Who cares how bad of a parent you think these people are (or WERE)?  Who cares if the baby was tired, grumpy, or loud? Who cares if you, yourself, would never take your young child to a late/violent/crowded movie?

Why even ask this on a day like today?!

Because, presumably, the kind of people who would take their infant to a midnight movie might still be people who would be in INTENSE pain if that child were hurt or killed.  (And, oh- by the way, these people might be dead or injured themselves.  So they might not get the full effect of the Internet judgment that’s coming their way.)

I’m sorry.  I’m worked up a little bit.  I see this stuff happen and I just think what we need ismore love, more compassion, and more understanding, but it seems that we tend to devolve into a group of bickering, judgmental know-it-alls who would somehow be too smart to put ourselves into the path of a deranged gunman.

Oh, no…  Now, I’m judging the judgmental and that’s no good.  So, maybe my blogging isn’t back on track, after all, but I had something to say and I said it. And I appreciate you reading it.

I’m going to finish out my workday, and then go hug the Dickens out of my little one.

I hope you all have a peaceful week ahead of you.


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