Life 101: Or, How Do I Get Everything Done, Again?


I’m off work today, dear Readers! I wish I could say I were treating myself to a spa day, spending time with a friend, or going shopping. I wish I could say that I slept in until ten and then planned to go out for a nice hearty breakfast. But, the truth is, I took the day off from work so that I could stay home and clean my house.

Sounds awesome, right?

I know I spend a fair amount of time on this blog whining around about how I don’t have time for anything. And, I know that the reality is that I’m not that much busier than anybody else and that, in fact, some people are working, rearing kids, AND going to school. Or, they’re getting up early to exercise, work on their novels, and prepare spinach omelets for their families, complete with a side of turkey bacon and a slice of whole wheat toast. I get it: those people are better than me!

But, really, no: I don’t actually get it. I want to know how they do it! How do people manage to find time to do all the stuff that needs to be done? I’m trying to get the kids in on the act around here, more: having them strip their beds; take out the trash; let the dog in/out/in/out; etc. Still, the housework, cooking, and daily living sometimes overwhelm me.

Let’s analyze my evening yesterday and my morning so far today, just in case you’re thinking that I’m squandering my time on things like Pinterest or Facebook. (I totally am, but not on these two occasions, so let’s look at them.)


4:15 pm- Leave work early (yay!)
4:30 pm- Stop by Joe’s Fish Market for salmon (yum!)
5:00 pm- Arrive South Hills to pick up children
5:30 pm- West Side Kroger for broccoli, fruit
6:15 pm- Home!
6:30-7:00- Walk dog/teach child to ride bike
7:00-7:20- Prepare dinner, while helping child with homework
7:20-7:40- Eat together
7:40-8:15- Clean kitchen, sign homework folders, write check for yearbook, fill out school bus form, find “hat day” money for kids
8:15-8:45- Read aloud
8:45-10:00- Laundry, writing (or, more accurately, blank-screen-staring), laundry
10:00-10:45- Get trash together and out to curb
10:45-11:10- 120 squats, 45 crunches
11:10-12:00- Compose email and press release for friends’ joint art show
12:00-6:00 am- Sleep, but not enough because… well, see below


6:00 am- Wake too soon to false alarm
6:10 am- Must have hit snooze, damn it
6:45 am- Wake too soon because of whining dog
7:00 am- Wake up for real this time
7:00-7:30- Get dressed; wake daughter, remind her again to get up, beg for her to hurry, threaten that she will be tardy, start freaking out because she’s still not up!; find matching socks for her, change cat litter, leave for school
8:00 am- Drop kids off at school, say a quick prayer of thanks that I will be going home to an empty house, remember that dog is there… cry.

The final analysis:

I see that stopping at two stores for food yesterday was a huge time suck. So, a weekly menu and one big weekly shop is clearly the ticket. And, by looking at this morning’s schedule, I realize that I could have cut out the sock search by putting Genevieve in charge of her own clothes last night. Also, as God as my witness, I’ll never beg and plead for her to get out of bed again; she can go to school in her pajamas if that’s what it takes. Lastly, I could have cut out that foolishness at 6:00 am by throwing the beeping phone across the room. At the dog. Two birds, one phone, see?

Anyway, it’s time to regroup! It’s 9:45, and I’ve had a chance to write my post, catch up with my best friend over the phone, and have some delicious coffee.I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me paid time off (to clean, though- it still sucks to say that out loud), so I’m going to utilize this time as wisely as possible. I think I’ll start by searching Pinterest for cleaning schedules, chore lists, and healthy meal ideas…


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