I need your help, Readers.

I need to help my children to become more organized and focused. They are both falling behind in their grades and should not be. In terms of intelligence, they are able to learn easily, but are lacking in their ability to create structure and follow through on tasks. Their father and I need to do that for them at home(s), so that they can do it for themselves at school.

I have always struggled with organizational skills. I’m great with ideas, big-picture thinking, social interaction (as are my kids), but organization is something I have to work at. Thankfully, my best friend and my mom are super-organized, so they have given me ideas and help when I needed it. Now I need to come up with ideas for my little ones- I really want them to learn tools so that they don’t struggle with this stuff for the rest of their lives. I don’t want them to have the words “not living up to his/her potential” dogging them forever.

So, here are some of the things I’ve been thinking:

  • Homework hour: mandatory butts-in-seats for an hour, at home, with no background TV noise, etc.
  • Speaking of TV, how about NO TV. Is that nuts? I can’t institute that at their dad’s house, obvi, but I think I’m done with TV. I got rid of cable for a while, but they complained so loudly (and I missed HBO so much) that I finally re-upped. I think my first instinct was correct; it’s so distracting and we’re all super-busy anyway. When we’re home, I think we should be more connected, with less Nickelodeon noise.
  • And, what about being super-busy? I’m always on the go, they’re always on the go- it’s no wonder we can’t focus. It’s all we can do to catch our breath sometimes, and that’s with one extracurricular activity per kid, per season. Maybe sports and other extras have to be limited to summertime.
  • Clear the clutter! This is big. My house right now isn’t SO cluttered, but boy isn’t it hard to manage all the STUFF of life? I really want to continue to try to minimize junk that saps our energy.
  • Regular exercise– family style. I need it, they need it, the dog needs it: we should do it. Every day.
  • Better nutrition. This is hard; I’m not a very inventive cook and time is always an issue. Any ideas/tips for home cooked, healthy meal options would be appreciated.
  • More sleep. Less TV, more exercise, better nutrition should add up to mo better sleep, amiright?

This is all I’ve got so far, in addition to talking to the kids to find out what’s going on with them. I’ve been talking to them, but I’ve been getting a lot of “I dunno” and “whatever”.  Of course, I get more out of them when we play board games, or go for walks, or read books together, than when we’re running late for practice/games/meetings or when I’m haranguing them about picking up their dirty clothes.

What do you say? Any ideas? Any experience with these issues? I’m open to any suggestions!


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