Hello, son. Hello Daughter. Greetings from your,
lonely mother…

Summer vacay is in full-swing around my house.  We’re all about sunscreen, sleepovers, and the pool. This weekend, we’re gearing up for summer camp.  Each year, both kids go to the same camp for one week.  It’s a church camp, attended and staffed by people from our great little parish, so I never worry too much about leaving them for so many days.  This year, though, both kids will be gone for an additional week- each going to a different camp the week before church camp.  They’re both so excited about it, but I’m a nervous wreck.

On the one hand, I’m happy that they’re going to get to meet new people and learn new things.  My son is headed to 4H camp and my daughter is attending a performing arts camp.  They’re going to be exploring subjects that interest them and I know they’ll have a blast!  Plus, they’ll be spreading their wings a little bit more than usual and isn’t that my goal as a parent: to foster their independence?

But, on the other hand, I’m going to miss them terribly.  Two whole weeks!  (Oh, and they’re going on vacation with their dad shortly upon their return from camp, so: three whole weeks!)  It just seems unnatural for me to be without them for that long.  What if they get homesick?  What if they get hurt?  What if they love not hearing me nag and come home asking questions about boarding school?!

Oh, well, I should try not to worry so much, I suppose.  I should revel in my own independence!



Blog Update: A few weeks ago, I promised a Taylor Books gift card to the first person who could figure out that it was the Westest that had my children acting so strangely.  I actually had three people chime in on different forums, so I awarded the cards to Melissa Doty, Leigh Ann Watts, and Daniele Shrewsbury.  I purchased the cards, but for whatever reason, buying stamps has always been a daunting task for me.  I NEVER have stamps.  But, yesterday, I schlepped over to the post office to face my fears.  Turns out they have a very handy automated machine…  All this is to say: the gift cards are in the mail, Dear Readers!


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