Do You Serve Xanax on this Flight?


I’m leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. 

Well, actually I do.  I’ll be back Monday.  But, I am leaving for the weekend to visit a friend in Florida.  Not taking the kids, the boyfriend, or the dog.  (Most of whom will be at my house this weekend, burglers- so, step off!)

I’m sort of nervous.  I used to be such a good traveler until I had the kids.  Then, every possible horrible travel scenario started playing out in my head as I would prepare for a trip.  I’ve always been superstitious about travel, making sure to wear my dad’s St. Christopher medal that had accompanied him home from Vietnam to ensure that I, too, would come back again.  But, since the kids came along, I have all kinds of other rituals that I need to do before I can go away: kissing them on their foreheads, making sure to say “see you on ____”, telling them I love them 2000 times, etc.

Strangely, the one preparation I should make (should’ve made upon their arrival into the world) is determining what I want for them if something happens to me.  I know that I need to do this no matter what, not just for the unlikely event that I’m in a travel-related accident.  (Knocking furiously on wood.)  My ex-husband and I talked about it some when the kids were younger, but we could never come to a conclusion on who we would want to rear them, or how to approach the candidates should we come up with some.

I did a little bit of research in the past day or two, realizing that- what with soccer practice, homework, and packing- there wouldn’t be time to do anything about it right now.  But, I did find a comprehensive article from my friends at NPR (they’re still in business, as of now).    If you’re in the same boat (or plane, or train) as me, you might want to check it out.  If you’re more prepared than I am, please tell me a little about your own planning in the comment section.

Now, before I catch my plane, I need to go say a few ‘Hail, Marys’ and find a rabbit’s foot.  Have a great weekend, everyone!


(This post was originally published on the Charleston Daily Mail’s Mommyhood blog.)


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