The other day, I opened an email from a friend which contained a cryptic message: “Based on the comment you left on the trailer for the Karan A Go Go Show, I’m going to remove it from YouTube.”

Wait… What?

This friend and I had worked on the idea for a video blog to go with my personal blog ( and had quickly come up with a “first episode” last summer. Though he’d shared it on his website at the time, I hadn’t thought about it since. I was curious to see what he meant in his email, so I logged onto YouTube to see if the video was still up on his channel. And there was the single damning comment:

“I don’t like this and am not interested in this show.”

Jeez- kind of harsh, right? Why would anyone take time to leave a nasty comment on such a short, harmless video? Then, I saw what he was talking about; the comment had been written by Karanagogo.

Wait- that’s me! But, I didn’t say that! I didn’t leave such an abrupt message about my own video! Hmm…

By this time, my friend must’ve done some research of his own because he messaged back that someone had a Karanagogo YouTube channel. His post script read: “Further investigation reveals that the Karanagogo channel looks to be the work of a couple of bright video-centric kids, so you gotta forgive ‘em for not getting our Karan A Go Go.”

Ha! Bright, video-centric kids who are gonna get it when I get home!

Yes, my children have hijacked my YouTube account. Now, in addition to the few things I’vewatched, the Karan A GoGo channel is littered with shorts produced by my offspring. Farting nutcrackers, song parodies, and the pilot episode of an original series: all executed by my eleven and eight year-olds!

I knew they were posting videos and have seen most of them prior to allowing them to go up on YouTube. But, it never occurred to me that they would use the comment feature to leave messages on other videos. Definitely, that’s a concern that I will need to work out with them. It might be time for a separate “kids” account (monitored by the ‘rents, of course).

What I’m really surprised about, though, is the sheer volume of work that they’ve accomplished in the relatively short amount of time that they’ve had access to the channel. It’s like, these kids, they had the ideas and the tools and they just… you know, took action. Don’t they know that they have to mull things over? Haven’t they heard about putting projects out for informal polling of their friends before starting? Don’t they understand that they might make a mistake or do something wroooong???!!

Yeah- NO! They don’t understand that. Which is why they have twelve videos up on MY channel and I have… well, zero, actually. (The Karan A GoGo Show isn’t even on my channel.)

Why do these kids always have to be teaching me, man? Oh, well, I guess I’ll just keep taking notes.


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