Confessions of a Would-be Mommy Blogger


(This was originally published on the Charleston Daily Mail Mommyhood blog.)

When my friend, Brad, asked me to contribute to a “Mommy Blog” I was skeptical.  A mommy blogger is a breastfeeding, sling-wearing, playgroup-attending Superwoman who can use her one free hand to make (and photograph) cupcakes for the preschool St. Patrick’s Day party, before posting it all to her clever, yet mildly self-deprecating, blog.  Right?  And, while I certainly aspire to this level of literary uber-maternity, I’ve only ever mastered the breastfeeding and (perhaps thankfully) I didn’t think to blog about it.  I could never really figure out how to work the sling and my contribution to classroom parties is always those thickly-iced sugar cookies that come seasonally decorated from the Kroger bakery. Far from being perky, crafty, or organized (or any of the other adjectives I associate with Mommy Bloggers), I am a woman who often feels overwhelmed — by life, if not merely parenthood.  And, who wants to blog about that?

Well, as it turns out, I do.  I want to blog about that.  I want to be an inspiration to other moms who struggle to get it all done without losing their minds.  I want to say to those mothers:  “You, too, can have children who are marginally well-behaved and only slightly obnoxious, in spite of the fact that they exist on a steady diet of Hot-n-Ready pizza!”  I want to be a shining example to other working mothers who want to write about their back-breaking robust schedules!

Okay, I’m totally kidding about inspiring anyone; I’m only blogging to vent.

But, I do want to write about my life as a working, single, harried mom.  Because, I know, intellectually, that the mom who does everything and keeps it all together all the time is as rare as a post-partum shower.  I know that a lot of kids grow up with parents who work outside the home (check); parents who are divorced (check); and parents who aren’t perfect (infinity-and-beyond check) and still manage to avoid serial-killing and/or dropping out of college.  To be a mommy blogger, don’t I really just have to have kids who I love and nurture in the best possible way that I know how and then write about it, you know,  on the internet?

So, after figuring out that I hadn’t given up my Mommy cred just because I no longer ooh and aah over the Baby Einstein videos, I told Brad that I was totally down with being a Mommyhood blogger.  I will seek to be the resident working* mom voice; the resident single mom voice; and even the middle-aged, “Is it really too late to have another baby even though I’m not married and can barely manage things now?”- mom voice.  And, believe me, I’ve got a lot of voices up here in the old noggin, so if you start to get concerned, please make good use of the comment section!  I look forward to hearing from you often!

*I know that SAHMs are working moms, too.  You know what I mean…

Update- After analyzing this thing to death —  this “what makes me a mommy blogger” business —  I see that Brad was just trying to find someone to take the Friday slot, someone who fits in alliteratively with the other mommies.    I mean: Cara, Kara, Carrie, Katy, andKaran?  Seriously?


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