Month: July 2011

Life Coach

Tonight, I took the kids to roller derby practice.  I brought along a laptop that has about a million games on it, plus I took them to Redbox on the way so they’d have something to watch.  God forbid they spend even one minute without some kind of entertainment…  Unfortunately for me, they had already decided that going to practice… Read more →

Sock-her Mom

A few months ago, I wrote a post about being an example, in good ways and bad, to my children, particularly my daughter and specifically about issues around appearance and femininity.  She and my son often pepper me with questions like, “Why do you always have to put on make-up before we go anywhere?”  Or, “Why do you have to be so… Read more →


Karan Ireland is on vacation today.  After a week of driving kids 360 miles to and from camp; working full-time; caring for a sick child; attending a swim meet; doing 170 loads of laundry (none of which got put away); finding her one REALLY well-fitting bra shredded by the jaws of her 90 lb. puppy; accidentally killing her daughter’s fish;… Read more →