Month: April 2011


She’s the buzz on everyone’s lips this morning: what a joyous occasion, what a beautiful girl!  She’s truly worthy of all the attention she’s getting today. How exciting it all is!  I hope she celebrates long into the evening with friends and family.  But not too long- I am 40, after all and I don’t have the energy to stay… Read more →

Gimme a Break!

Spring Break is nigh upon us here in Kanawha County; you should see how hopped up my little ones are at the prospect of a whole week with NO SCHOOL!  (YAYYYYYY!!!!!)  Talk amongst my friends, lately, is basically of the “What are your plans for the break?” variety.  Some people have already started updating their Facebook pages from exotic beaches… Read more →


“I watch you all the time.  Every day, I’m watching you.” I freeze.   I feel scared- vulnerable.  I wonder how fast I can run, barefoot and clad only in a ratty bathrobe.  I can feel the penetrating stare boring a hole into my back… watching, watching- waiting.  But, I can’t escape- can’t run. How long has this been going on? … Read more →


(This post was originally published on the Charleston Daily Mail’s Mommyhood blog.) So, I had this post all written about how I was pregnant and just so happy to be able to announce it on the Mommyhood blog, etc.  Right? You know- announce it on April 1?  Get it??? Turns out, that’s not the most original April Fool’s Day prank… Read more →